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About the Author of The Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie

Sherri Connell, Author and Illustrator
Sherri with Pumpkin Pie

The Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie was written and illustrated by Sherri Connell.

Sherri was a singer, dancer, actress, model and accounting manager. She studied art and photography in high school and college. Since 1991, Sherri has been debilitated daily by Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, Late-Chronic Lyme Disease and Traumatic Brain Injury.

Pumpkin and Cookie are Sherri’s Assistance Animals, as they give her smiles in the midst of her losses and pain and reason to keep fighting. And, writing this book was a very important and therapeutic hobby for her life and overall well-being.

Sherri with Cookies N Cream
Sherri with Cookies N Cream

Sherri’s husband, Wayne, published the book on Create Space to give her a sense of accomplishment and joy in sharing her babies, as well as the opportunity to support great organizations.