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Meet Our Divas and the Stars of Goatta Be Me!

Pumpkin Pie, starring in The Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie
Starring Princess Pumpkin!

Join us as we explore the world and live life! We are fun-loving, adorable and intelligent babies here to make you laugh and be amazed! We love showing off our love for life and the awesome things we can do and we are out to prove how wonderful goats are! We know how to jump and slide down our slide, potty in a litter box, move chairs around so we can see over the fence and so much more … all caught on video! Check us out on YouTube! We are moving our videos over to this new channel.

People are always shocked to hear mommy and daddy have goats. They exclaim,

Baby Goat Cookies N Cream. Black and white goat.
Starring Angel Cookie

“You have GOATS??” as if it is so strange! So, Mommy takes pictures and videos of us to share our lives (and shenanigans) with the world! She is determined to make us famous so we can get the word out  that goats are loving, smart and super FUN!

We are on a quest to help other animals, because all animals deserve a loving and safe home! Proceeds from sales of our new book, The Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie will go to helping organizations who help others! Order here! 

Reddish brown and white baby goat named Java Latte
Starring Miss Java Latte

We are also Assistance Animals who provide therapy for Mommy, as she battles Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury and Chemical Injury. So, we have a special purpose. We give her tons of hugs and kisses every day to bring some smiles and joy into her life!

We hope you all enjoy our story, videos and book here to inspire children (of all ages)! Our purpose is to spread the message that “You don’t need to try to be someone else! There is only ONE YOU in this world! So just be the best YOU that YOU can be!

Much LOVE, 
Princess Pumpkin, Miss Java Latte and Angel Cookie

NOTICE: Why Did We Change the Name of This Website?

In 2013 the beautiful, amazing, smart and loving Pumpkin and Cookie became a part of our family! Our lives were forever changed with these incredible babies who have given us so much joy, love and laughter! So, we decided to share our little blessings with the world and launched “The Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie!”

Sadly, on Christmas Eve Day in 2020, Cookie passed away. We are DEVASTATED! In spite of our deep, deep grief, we needed to find Pumpkin a companion right away. So we called Lil Forest Rascals (, where we got Pumpkin and Cookie. They just so happened to have a sweet 8 month old girl who is also Pumpkin’s niece! They blessed us with this little teddy bear and we named her Miss Java Latte to go with our long-running theme of sweets names and to honor Cookie’s mom, Java! Pumpkin and Java are still getting to know one another and we are still grieving the loss of Cookie! But we are blessed to have this sweet little girl here to love us all through it!

Don’t worry! We aren’t letting go of Cookie! She will forever be in our hearts, lives and a star on this page, as our Angel watching over us!