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Pumpkin Wins Pet of the Day!

Pumpkin Pie is Pet of the Day
Pumpkin Pie is Pet of the Day

LOOK at ME!!! I am the “Pet of the DAY!” Wahoo!

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Name: Pumpkin Pie
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Home: Colorado, USA
Pumpkin Pie is my sweet Nigerian Dwarf Goat, we just call her Pumpkin for short!. Pumpkin is not only gorgeous, but she is incredibly smart, hilarious and sweet! I have enjoyed her so much that I have made lots of videos of Pumpkin and couldn’t resist sharing them with the world! We have clips of her doing everything from plotting a mission impossible escape to jumping and sliding down the slide to pottying in a litter-box! She’s a hoot!Not only that, Pumpkin and her sista’ Cookie have written a book, The Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie: Cookie Doesn’t Want to Be a Goat! Pumpkin encourages Cookie to be herself and be proud she is a goat and children learn a great lesson. Moreover, Pumpkin and Cookie are out to help other goats find loving homes like theirs by selling the books to raise money for animal rescues and other non-profit organizations!

Pumpkin’s favorite treats are … you guessed it! Pumpkin seeds!! She also likes green apples, celery, black oil sunflower seeds and alfalfa pellets.

She is such a cuddle bug! I have had friendly and loving goats, but she is incredible! She adores kisses all over her face! I can’t get enough of her and she is always asking me to come outside for a visit. She talks and talks to me through the windows when I am inside. We have two lounge chairs on the patio. She gets on one and puts her head on her Princess Pumpkin Pillow then takes a nap with Mommy! She would sleep in my bed with me if I let her! She is definitely a Momma’s girl, here to give me love and joy!

As you can see, Pumpkin is quite the gal! But she doesn’t really know how famous she is. All she knows is that Mommy is very ill and mostly home-bound due to Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme Disease. So she greets me every day with lots of bleets, hugs, kissies and will cuddle with me for hours!

Pumpkin brings me so much joy that I can’t help myself but tell the world how amazing she is!

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