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The Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie! Book Trailer.

Pumpkin and Avery KBThe Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie: Cookie Doesn’t Want to Be a Goat has an incredible life-lesson for children of all ages. The illustrations are beautifully created from the adorable, real-life animals, Pumpkin and Cookie!

This delightful book is about Cookie’s quest to be somebody else, other than a goat. She is worried people think goats aren’t very smart and they just eat everything.

Cookie decides she wants to be a frog, bunny, butterfly or horse. Pumpkin stays strong in her belief she is happy to be a goat, until Cookie thinks of becoming a puppy. Oh no! Everyone LOVES puppies and they get to live in the house and take rides in the car!

But Pumpkin stands tall and declares her proclamation to be Pumpkin and Avery Kiss KBherself and be the best Pumpkin she can be! Cookie suddenly gets it and they both tell kids, “There’s only one you and only one me. So, let’s be the best us, the best we can be!”

BONUS PAGES! The book comes with a bonus page of QR Codes that will take children directly to videos of Real-Life Journeys with Pumpkin and Cookie. 36 pages. Full color. For children of all ages (even big kids at heart).

Pumpkin and Cookie KBPROCEEDS GO TO GREAT CAUSES! Pumpkin and Cookie are on a mission to help animals find loving homes like theirs and inspire children to be themselves! Proceeds for this book, go to great non-profit organizations that help animals and people. If there is any left over, it will go to their feed and care (they’ll try not to eat too much).

Join us on our journey to help others! Order for your friends, family and yourself!

MORE ABOUT PUMPKIN AND COOKIE: We are Nigerian Dwarf goats who love showing off our love for life and the awesome things we can do. We are out to prove how wonderful goats are! We know how to jump and slide down our slide, potty in a litter box, move chairs around so we can see over the fence and so much more … all caught on video!

ABOVE VIDEO: The Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie: Cookie Doesn’t Want to Be a Goat! Book Trailer.