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Pumpkin and Cookie Want to Help Rescue Animals

New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary Fundraiser

All animals deserve a safe and loving home like we have! So, we want to help those who are helping animals through rescue, housing, care and finding homes for goats and other animals!

Would you like to raise funds for your rescue, sanctuary or shelter? Or do you have a school or group who would like to raise funds for a local animal organization or another great cause? 

All you have to do is get the word out to your supporters, lists and social media! We will have our book, The Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie printed, boxed up and shipped directly to your supporters. We will even share your Fundraiser on our Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram!

New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary
Meet Holly! She lived at New Moon Farm Goat Rescue & Sanctuary, an amazing farm we helped raise funds for in 2014. Holly was a special needs goat who found a forever home, because New Moon Farm cares! Photo of Holly, Courtesy of New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary 

Those who order our book through the fundraiser will get a 50 cent discount on the book and for each *completed order, your group will receive a $2.00 donation from us!

Why do we do this? We want other animals to know what it is like to feel loved! Also, Mommy lives with Multiple Sclerosis and wants to make a difference for other animals, even though she can’t take any more in. So, let’s make a difference together!

Can we join you in your fundraising efforts? Write us through our contact page! Tell us about your group and provide your website address.

Thank you for your love and care for animals!

♡ Pumpkin and Cookie

The Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie

*All orders must go through our website and CreateSpace, with the code provided (which gives a discount and tracks the orders).

Proceeds from sales go to such endeavors as our designated fundraisers and other great non-profit causes, as well as book gifts and website costs. If there is any left over someday, it will help with our feed and care (we will try not to eat too much).